It seems that artists claiming to be classically-trained has become a cliché.  But what does that really mean?  Somebody could claim to be classically trained after one theory lesson and remain honest.  But for Tyler Hill, being classically trained means much more than that.  For him, it means complete immersion in a task with the hopes of finding further direction.  Thankfully, two years after earning his Bachelor of Arts in Theory/Composition from Loyola Marymount University, he has found that direction.  Perhaps it is not the ultimate direction, but he believes that life is an extremely complex stack of building blocks, and in order to construct the best tower, one must start at the very beginning.

Tyler began piano lessons at the age of seven, but insists that he did not become serious until his sophomore year in high school.  It was at that time that he decided he would study music in college.  For the next three years in high school, he flourished as a composer and performer, taking his compositions to the streets of his hometown, Santa Cruz, and throughout coffee shops, retirement homes, private residences and recital halls.  In college, Tyler excelled academically, as a composer, and as a performer.  He maintained near perfect grades, had three major compositions performed in the LMU recital hall, and successfully planned and executed a senior performance recital in two locations: Santa Cruz and Los Angeles.  But if you ask him now, Tyler will tell you that electronic music is his passion.  He first began tinkering with Reason in September of 2009, and since has become proficient in ProTools and Ableton Live.  He produced a seven track EP while living in Argentina under the alias Boogus and he is currently studying music production at San Francisco’s premier music media and production school, Pyramind.  In the future he hopes to complete another EP and begin djing live sets in San Francisco.

When you listen to Tyler’s music there is a definite element of structure as you would expect from a classical musician.  There is also an element of power, somewhat akin to Beethoven, resonating from deep down.  Keep your eyes on this up and coming artist because his foundation has already been laid and his tower is flourishing as we speak.


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