Tonal by Pink Mammoth

Who doesn’t love a good warehouse party?  After a recent overdose on the SF mainstream, I have found myself searching for those events that are free of the dub-whomping, egotistical, experimental-chemical-ridden concerts that you find at places like 1015 and Temple.  The reality is, I just want to have a good time.

Well, good news, I think I’ve found it.  The folks at Pink Mammoth provide a great alternative for those who are more into the way music makes them feel than the way music makes them feel about themselves.  So, if you like good old house music, you should check these guys out.  The lineup included Bay Area djs Andrew Phelan, Eric Sharp and Jimmy B who spun decent house music on a decent system.   I say that it was decent because, let’s be honest, you don’t go to a warehouse party expecting the caliber of sound that you find at Ruby Skye.  My point is, it’s about more than just the music.

And that’s precisely what you get, the full experience: friendly people, cheap drinks, cheap entry, free food and water and an overall environment that facilitates interaction.  The Pink Mammoth website states its purpose to be something along the lines of fostering a community that allows its members to be themselves.  Well, in that category, PM gets an A+, and for that reason I highly recommend you keep an eye on them.


Andrew Phelan & Origami – Can’t Change You

A great track from San Francisco artist Andrew Phelan


Let this be an archive.  To grow is the idea, and perhaps one day I will come back to this post, and others will, and it will evoke the impression of something at its inception.  As a musician the goal is to be heard.  As a student, the goal is to learn.  So within this blog are contained two motivations, each linked to the other.

But it goes much further than that, because as a musician it is imperative to also have selfless motivations.  Community comes to mind.  I hope to become part of the San Francisco music community, to add to it, to influence and be influenced by it, to feel welcome in it.  In my opinion, there are few greater things in life than when people are brought together through music.  Let us all continue to do so, as our ancestors have, and their ancestors, and so on.